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Carnegie’s Maid

When she steps foot in America, Clara Kelly has little to her name. A poor farmer’s daughter sent from Ireland in hopes that she can make a better life for herself is ill-prepared for what she is about to face. Stuck on the dock with no money for transport to her distant relatives in Pittsburgh, […]

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Applied Empathy: New Language of Leadership

“Empathy is about understanding, seeing the world from other points of view and helping form insights that can lead us to new and better ways of thinking, being and doing.” So says Michael Ventura, author of Applied Empathy and founder of Sub Rosa, a strategy and design firm that helps complex corporations and progressive thinkers […]

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Redefining Realness

Born a boy. Knowing you’re a girl. This was the lifetime struggle of Janet Mock whose life was forever changed again and again; but when her story was shared in the May 2011 issue of Marie Claire magazine, it took on a whole new meaning. After struggling her entire life with sharing her trans identity […]

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The Fixer

Herein lies the mystery of Leonard Hoffman. Who was this small time Boston lawyer now living out his final years in a care facility due to a stroke and what secrets are left unspoken? These are the questions his son, Rick Hoffman, tries to answer in this suspense-filled mystery by Joseph Finder. From the very […]

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United Through Reading

Our military heroes make immeasurable sacrifices for our safety and well-being. One of these sacrifices includes leaving their loved ones behind. While adults and older children can respectfully understand obligation of duty, younger children often experience more difficulty coming to terms with this separation. Finding ways to stay connected not only eases both parties’ loneliness […]

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Out of Left Field

Whether it’s with her girls’ softball league or with friends in the sandlot near her house, Marnie loves playing ball. She is also a stellar pitcher. Naturally she’s a fan of her high school’s baseball team, not to mention the star pitcher Cody. But when Cody gets hit by Santino, their biggest rival’s pitcher, he’s […]

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Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood

Here’s a coming of age teen romance that has survived the test of time. Written in 1978, this book by Ellen Conford can be found in just about every library but otherwise it’s hard to find. Thirteen-year-old Melanie Kessler is begrudgingly starting summer camp. An only child, she’s not keen on leaving her parents and […]

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Twenty-One Days

Junior Barrister Daniel Pitt just won a difficult case, but that doesn’t convince his mentor, or owner of his London firm, that he’s worthy of being more than an assistant. But when he’s asked to fill in for a more senior litigator to investigate the validity of their new client’s claims, he’s thrust into a […]

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What the Wind Knows

If you’re a fan of Diana Galbadon and Andrew Greeley, What the Wind Knows by Amy Hamon is your perfect next read. When Anne Gallagher agrees to take her beloved grandfather, Eon’s ashes back to the Loche in Garvagh Glebe Ireland, she sets forth on an emotional, spiritual and life-changing journey. Though it was the […]

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