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Lock Every Door

Fresh out of work, with a depleted bank account, Jules Larsen lands the opportunity of a lifetime—apartment sitting at one of the most upscale buildings in New York City, The Bartholomew. For a three month gig, the pay is amazing and all she has to do is ensure the apartment stays in good shape until […]

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Morning Makeover: How to Boost Your Productivity, Explode Your Energy, and Create an Extraordinary Life – One Morning At A Time! 

Mornings are critical when you prioritize success. Many experts reason that the best work comes in the early hours because that is when you have the most energy. As they tout in the military, getting even small things done early—like making your bed—increases the likelihood you’ll be more productive as it sets a positive intention […]

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Runaway Jury

In Biloxi, Mississippi a landmark trial is set to take place with millions of dollars at stake. But this trial of David versus Goliath, or rather widow versus a conglomerate of tobacco company giants, has several puppeteers secretly pulling strings to ensure their own personal gains and victorious outcome. A fair and seemingly impartial jury […]

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Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade

Trey Gowdy shares in in his book, Doesn’t Hurt to Ask, the effective and powerful communication success strategies he’s honed as a seasoned prosecuting attorney and congressman. Stressing the virtue and power of thought-provoking questions, Gowdy outlines how crafting and delivering the right query, and following it up with deep listening, is the key to […]

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A ‘Philadelphia Story’ of a Creative Career

The comparison struck me. “What do you think?” I asked my client. “I love it.” Her enthusiastic reply was quickly followed with details reinforcing her evident flattery at being compared to Katherine Hepburn. “I love donning crisp wool trousers, a silk blouse and pearls and wielding my Monte Blanc pen. It’s who I am.” My client […]

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