A Sour Note: A Music Box Mystery

A Sour Note: A Music Box Mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery. Especially, a well-written one. This book by Jill Piscitello is a fun read that sweeps you off to summertime along the shore.

Set in the idyllic location—The Hamptons—Maeve Clearly returns to her hometown hoping to hide away from publicity scandal that unfortunately is all too popular for her to shed. Finding some comfort in nostalgia and reminiscing with her dear friends, and former flame, she unwittingly gets caught up in a murder.

Her mother is a woman about town with a thriving music shop and a passel full of friends who love to gossip and stick their noses where they dont belong. While her mother Jules wants to help her daughter recoup, she also needs her help. Maeve obliges, but in her efforts to help her mom and hometown bestie, Paige—who teaches music at her mothers shop—she meets some unsavory and self-serving characters. For starters, her exs new girlfriend, Trixie. When Maeve and Paige discover Trixies body in a dumpster, it doesnt take long for the detective to pin the murder on Maeve.

Theres plenty of interesting characters in this little town, not to mention enough to keep you guessing who might be behind the murder. Is it Maeve? Is it her ex-boyfriend whos holding a grudge? Is it one of the local busy bodies? This fun page-turner for lovers of cozy mysteries will keep you guessing until the very end.

Image and Book Courtesy of Jill Piscitello

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