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7 Ways To Lessen the Sting of Insults (And Books That Will Help)

If you’re an author, a marketing director, an accountant, a celebrity, a career professional, or a business owner, you’ve had to dodge a few insults in your professional lifetime. Everyone has. Now, I’m not talking about constructive criticism; I’m talking about hurtful remarks intended to sting. These insults can really stink and despite the intent […]

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A ‘Philadelphia Story’ of a Creative Career

The comparison struck me. “What do you think?” I asked my client. “I love it.” Her enthusiastic reply was quickly followed with details reinforcing her evident flattery at being compared to Katherine Hepburn. “I love donning crisp wool trousers, a silk blouse and pearls and wielding my Monte Blanc pen. It’s who I am.” My client […]

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The Power of Books

Reading, reviewing, recommending, revisiting, relaxing, recharging, re-reading and repeat. I’ll go on to list gifting, writing, learning, sharing, blogging, teaching, etc. There is so much power that comes from the words within. While we know what books can do for us, why is it we often fail to give books the credit they deserve. Just […]

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Create Lasting Conference Experiences

Fifty? One hundred? I’ve lost count of the conferences that I’ve attended over the years. Some have been professional conferences focused on re-honing skills and attaining continuing education credits. At others I’ve been a keynote speaker (yeah, really) or have presented in breakout sessions. But those conferences never hold a candle to the ones that […]

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Good Reads for Your Career

The next time you visit the professional development section of your local bookstore, you might just feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many good reads out there it’s not only difficult to choose the most relevant tomes but it is challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest jargon, assessments and innovative strategies. […]

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Tired of Starting Over on Your Goals?

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve started over—goals, fitness routines, writing projects, smart eating plans, and personal and professional resolutions. I know that after a few failed attempts at the same goal, the goal needs to be revisited. If it’s a worthy goal, a wanted goal, an achievable goal, then it’s […]

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