Life Lessons Found In Books

Life Lessons Found In Books

Sometimes our “ah-ha” moments come from books. Even fiction helps us find our truths and learn which path to take.

Journaling is also a wonderful way to gain insight. Even writing your own story uncovers personal insight while sharing your story, pains and triumphs. It may also help you share your valuable life lessons with others in need.

I’ve always been a fan of journaling and have a stack of them to prove it.  This year I’ve committed to journaling everyday and with some exceptions, did pretty well. And just through the written word, my written word of all things, I found some amazing inspiration. Here it goes: Sometimes you know the answers but they are bottlenecked upstairs.

Wow, that sounded lame but stick with me. I discovered that “unclogging” or brain dumping through journaling (yes, there are much better words for it) is a great way to sift through it all to get unstopped. Whether you are looking for life answers or your next chapter, removing the jumble of words from your mind is therapeutic.

And it’s revealing. The “ah-ha” moments come spilling out. Then you can get back on your path to wherever you want to go.

When it doubt, look to books—including those you journal—to help you discover your next step.

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