Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues

Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues

Bestselling author, Kelli Miller, is back on the publishers’ list with a how-to book on proactively solving relationship issues. As a couple’s therapist, she’s seen it all. And her latest book Love Hacks, while not a substitute for therapy, is an excellent supplement filled with proven strategies to help couples both mend wounds and reconnect on a whole new level.

The book is divided into fifteen chapters each targeting common relationship issues.

The challenges most couples face are addressed including personal goals, anger, kids, finances, intimacy, respect, and yes, even social media. She starts the book with probably the number one issue—communication. One strategy she stresses readers to adopt is to ask if the individual voicing their concerns wants feedback or advice, or do they simply want you to listen and support. This is an easy but powerful exercise that can shift the dynamics to a conversation where both parties feel heard. She also addresses how over time a partner can feel taken for granted and shares the significant difference achieved when making the other person a priority through small (or large) efforts.

She continues to stress being open to listening and change as a common denominator in making progress. Also, investing energy and time into repairing damage, experimenting with the tools and exercises to strengthen bonds, and trying new ways to overcome setbacks and hurdles. Laying ground rules such as repeating back what was heard, taking accountability, or avoiding defensiveness go a long way in the work that she’s done with couples, and she shows how and why these actions result in positive impact. Finally, she states improvement only comes when both partners are open to new perspectives. While these may seem like obvious solutions, her suggested approaches are unique. The hacks are creative, fun, and are worth exploring if you’re fully committed to the relationship.

This is a book that everyone in a relationship should read and keep on their shelf to use as a reference and refresher when times get tough.

Source and Image Courtesy of New World Library

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