Meaningful Conflicts: The Art of Friction

Meaningful Conflicts: The Art of Friction

Over 90 short stories, prose, memoirs, essays, and poetry are contained in this Developmental Anthology,” a richly diverse, creative ensemble by the Off Campus Writers Workshop (OCWW) community. The collection from forty-nine authors and fifteen poets, is composed of a vast array of interpretations on overcoming obstacles, including emotional friction, personal conflicts, generational disputes, and power struggles. These short, yet clever interpretations on conflict, are both substantive, yet imaginatively intriguing, making this book a rare compilation indeed.

At first, I read through the sections in order, delighting in the unique inspiration of the OCWW authors. But in time, I found myself picking up the book each evening, weighing it in my hand, and letting gravity select my next read. It certainly didnt upset the applecart, as each peer-reviewed submission is subjectively unique, yet aligning with its sister entries neatly packaged into thematic sections. What I liked best about this approach was that it diminished my judgment of concept. Instead, it allowed me to concentrate solely on the narrative and authors voice.

However you choose to read Meaningful Conflicts, just do so.

The interpretations and applications are endless. Whether simply enjoying the gift of narrative, or studying the literary threads, Meaningful Conflicts is a celebration of the incredible talent of the poets and authors whove shared their voices. P.S. It would make a great centerpiece for a book discussion.

Image Courtesy of Kelly Q. Anderson, Developmental Editor

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