Name That Dog

Name That Dog

This picture book doesn’t need explanation to give you an idea of the storyline—finding a new name for your new puppy. That is exactly how the idea and the book were birthed. When author Peggy Archer created a poem about her new puppy she embarked on doing that very same thing for a variety of dogs throughout the book. With silly names like Yo Yo and Zipper, iconic names like Elvis and Houdini and even sweet and funny names like Puddles and Whiskers, each dog has a little poetic description of their personality.

This is a book I love for many reasons. First, it’s about dogs, so of course I was drawn immediately to this title when visiting an SCBWI conference bookstore. Second, the writing and poems are clever, on point and uplifting. I could see many young children loving this book as a precursor to their new pup. Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to the illustrator, Stephanie Buscema. Her artwork throughout is a collection of the most adorable dogs that sync with Archer’s prose. And did I tell you how much I love the cover? You just want to pick up that little Dalmatian puppy and take him home with you.

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