Not Another Schooling-Filled Blog

Not Another Schooling-Filled Blog

Listen, I like to have fun and laugh and enjoy my free time creatively. The last thing I want to do is get schooled by a blog. Unfortunately, in my workday, I’m asked to read and write all kinds of educational pieces. So yes, that’s me out there schooling all over the place.

So forgive me if this blog is nothing but fun (hopefully).

Everyone has something amazing to share and something amazing to teach. But if you haven’t figured it out yet, this blog is all pure musings related to writing and books.

So if you’re hoping to be schooled, you’ve stopped by the wrong blog.

Still, I’m always eager to learn from my kindred writing and reading spirits. There are so many talented individuals out there that teach me new things everyday. For them, I am thankful. But as way of full disclosure, when I have my author pants on—I’m not schooling. I’m just musing.

And believe me dear readers, writers, parents, and friends: I truly welcome your insights, musings and insights here. Let’s keep the conversation going.


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