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Author Q&A with Valerie Brooks

Many authors are teachers. They have an inherent love for learning and sharing this passion with their students. But Oregon-based author Valerie Brooks is not only an author but owns a business that teaches aspiring authors how to break through doubt, live a creative life and write their bestseller. If you’re an aspiring or seasoned […]

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Author Q & A with Rich Perry

Rich Perry is a coach, consultant and a radio host with an amazing history of building successful entrepreneurial empires. So, it’s no surprise that he’s authored several books that help others achieve similar success. His latest book, Bankroll Your Mind—Create Clarity, Focus, and Mastery for a Lifetime of Unlimited Success, offers practical tools and simple […]

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Morning Makeover: How to Boost Your Productivity, Explode Your Energy, and Create an Extraordinary Life – One Morning At A Time! 

Mornings are critical when you prioritize success. Many experts reason that the best work comes in the early hours because that is when you have the most energy. As they tout in the military, getting even small things done early—like making your bed—increases the likelihood you’ll be more productive as it sets a positive intention […]

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