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United Through Reading

Our military heroes make immeasurable sacrifices for our safety and well-being. One of these sacrifices includes leaving their loved ones behind. While adults and older children can respectfully understand obligation of duty, younger children often experience more difficulty coming to terms with this separation. Finding ways to stay connected not only eases both parties’ loneliness […]

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The Secret Journey of a Library Book

“Many people don’t realize that in order to make room for new books libraries have to get rid of old ones,” explains Catherine Savage, Head of Communications for the Vernon Area Public Library (VAPL) in Lincolnshire, Illinois. This is one of the novel (pun intended) behind the scenes facts that most of us don’t know […]

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Book Club Favorites

What makes a book worthy of a book club? When I lived in Chicago, I was part of an awesome book club made up of twelve women whom I hadn’t met prior. Along with this group of diverse women came a cacophony of unique tastes in literature. While each of these women, me included, were […]

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