The Unique Beak

The Unique Beak

Sai Peacock struggles to fit in. His beak is too big, and everyone makes fun of it, so he decided to keep to himself. He hides from his friends and when hes with them, rarely speaks up for fear his big beak will get him in trouble. He chooses to spend his time alone singing by the stream where he coaxes little creatures out with his song. They all fell in love with Sais singing and appreciate him for who he is, and the gift of his unique beak.

If a child is struggling to fit in, this is the book they need to read. Its a children’s story about being different and how these differences are applauded. What family or friends may find bothersome; the world is waiting to receive. The book by Estani Frizzell and illustrated by Sophia Frizzell encourages all ages to discover and appreciate our gifts, walk with confidence, look past the differences, and strive to realize our true potential. 

Image Courtesy of Smith Publicity Inc.

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