True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership

True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership

“When you are aligned with who you are, you find coherence between your life and your leadership.”

This arresting book by Bill George and Peter Sims questions why so many with the capacity for great leadership are not fully realizing their potential.

One governing conclusion they present is that many don’t understand what really constitutes a leader. This book nudges the reader out of complacency and onto their True North journey. Educational, motivational, germanely and insightful describe this relevant and timely guidebook designed to help you step into your leadership shoes while remaining true to who you are. Containing powerful lessons from 125 successful authentic leaders, it shares stories of how they cultivated their authentic leadership reputation while facing obstacles and diversions along the way.

George presents his three phases of leadership that make up the model in this book. Each phase has multiple layers and applications, but not too many that they overwhelm or confuse. Rather, they illustrate the depth of characteristics and behaviors that align with the dimension of authentic leadership. Alongside each of the phases and their integral elements are specific examples and lessons illustrating the applications required for the True North evolution into authentic leadership. He also addresses the issue of leaders who’ve sacrificed authenticity for personal gain and what can be learned from their deviations. In addition, he presents bona fide obstacles and diversions so as to not let the reader be dismayed or misguided that this is an easy path. But with those obstacles and diversions come unique directives for breakthroughs.

I always love a success book that shares the personal stories of how entrepreneurs, business leaders, and dreamers saw potential and opportunity in themselves (and the market) and go on to create something amazing.

This book celebrates those leaders and outlines the steps for the reader to do the same in their own careers. The chapter entitled “What Motivates You to be a Leader” is incredibly insightful because if the impetus is not pure then you may need to reference the chapter “Why Leaders Lose Their Way.” In my personal experience working with a client who has the fierce potential for authentic leadership but has not evolved to the “we” phase, I now have a better understanding of what needs to be explored in our work together and how to go about gently addressing this precarious barrier.

True North is a deep dive into all the critical elements that transform high potentials into authentic leaders that others will want to align with, work with, collaborate with, and follow on their True North path.

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