Book Review Policy

Books Uplift Book Review Policy

I would be honored to review your book—or a book written by someone that you represent. I welcome most genres—sorry, not a fan of horror—but remember, the theme of this site is Books Uplift. As you can see, I like to write fun, positive and a little quirky personalized reviews. All are to honor the work of the author and to encourage the readers to see how this book can uplift them.

I receive books daily from authors, agents, publishers and colleagues, as well books that I’ve acquired myself. I’m so luck that I get so many great books to read. But the downside of that is my queue so it MAY take 4-6 months until a book review goes live. Oh, and due to my current time limit constraints, I don’t write reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. only on Books Uplift, but feel free to link to BU. And please note, while I do read every book that I receive, I don’t review them all. This isn’t because your book isn’t fabulous, it may just not be right for this site. So please take heart in the fact that I do support you as an author but not all books are a fit.

If you are interested in having your book considered for a review on Books Uplift, please send an email with subject “a Request for Review” along with your e-book (Kindle format link, Gifted from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or NetGalley ARC format, please no pdfs.) and cover image to I’m your Book Ambassador so there is no charge for reviews!

****Agents, Publicists and publishers if you’d like to send a hard copy of the books, you probably already have my address:) Let me know if you need it!

Thank you for uplifting all of us through your books, Kimberly


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