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Just Right Jillian

If a child in your life is insecure, gift them the book Just Right Jillian from Nicole D. Collier. This adorable book meets young children where they are at and encourages them to believe in themselves. Fifth-grader Jillian is super shy and will do what her friends and teachers ask of her. She just wants […]

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Author Q&A With Linda Ashman

Linda Ashman is the author of many acclaimed picture books—more than forty to date—and The Nuts & Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books. Her books have been included on the ‘best of the year’ lists of The New York Times, Parenting and Child magazines, the New York Public Library and others, and have been translated […]

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Author Q&A With Peggy Archer

Peggy Archer is a children’s book author who brings her “life to life” in her books. Take one of my favorites, Name That Dog, which was inspired by the journey of giving a name to her new dog “Snickers.” In addition to writing adorable children’s picture books, she also writes poetry for children. Her latest […]

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A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

The latest children’s picture book by best-selling author Peggy Archer and illustrator Anne Wilsdorf is a tale of a toad who’s misplaced from his home as he dodges, dashes, tumbles and hops away from pending danger. Birds, branches, humans and animals all nudge this teeny toad further along down the road and away from his […]

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Author Q&A with B. A. Williamson

I was first introduced to B. A. when I came across the enchanting image on the cover of his book Fantastical Exploits of Gwendolyn Gray. I just had to meet the author. And though he’s a fairly new acquaintance, B. A. will definitely leave a lasting impression. His incredible books, wit and altruistic approach to […]

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Night Night, Norman 

This beautiful bedtime story by Marie Dimitrova and Illustrated by Romi Caron is the perfect evening companion for children (of all ages). It tells the story of Ellie and her horse, Norman, as they prepare for the end of the day. After Ellie says goodnight, Norman grows curious as to where she goes and sets […]

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The Secret Zoo

When Megan Nowicki follows a hunch that something special is happing at the Clarksville City Zoo, she takes off to investigate. Spying a group of monkeys that looked like they’d escaped she rushes back to get her brother, Noah, but by the time they return to where she’d seen them, they were gone. Megan can’t […]

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Sit, Stay, Love

Cecilia Murray’s favorite place to be is helping out at her local dog shelter, which scratches the itch for a pet that she’s not allowed to have at home. Then when a little pug is brought into the shelter, Cecilia falls in love. This little dog, she names Potato, doesn’t last long at the shelter. […]

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Name That Dog

This picture book doesn’t need explanation to give you an idea of the storyline—finding a new name for your new puppy. That is exactly how the idea and the book were birthed. When author Peggy Archer created a poem about her new puppy she embarked on doing that very same thing for a variety of […]

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Life As A Barnacle

What would make you happy? This is the question that little barnacle Abraham ponders as he floats out and looks for a place to stick. As he meets other barnacles in oyster colonies, on piers, and along the bottom of a boat he is tempted to stay but decides to continue on his journey towards […]

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