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Writer’s Corner: 6 Items Every Author Should Include on Their Resume

Why bother with an author resume? Well, despite what you might have heard, or tried to convince yourself, the resume is still a mandatory document. This is true even for authors. In my former career, I spent over twenty years helping clients excel in their workplace and achieve their professional dreams. While often acceleration occurred […]

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Writer’s Corner: Are You A Distracted Writer?

Each writer has their unique approach. Time for writing, style of writing, approach to writing, location for writing, and of course content of writing. The diversity of authors and stories is growing like never before. It’s exciting. It’s applauded. But what about the diversity in “how” people write? I’m a writer wondering if there’s anyone out […]

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Writer’s Corner: 5 Ways to Make the Most of The Publishing Industry’s Holiday Break

If you’re a writer, author, literary agent, publisher, or publicist, you get this title. It’s that time of year when all doors close to submissions and interactions with those in the industry. If you plan to reach out to editors and agents this month, odds are you’ll soon get an auto-reply that they are closed […]

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Writer’s Corner: 5 Elements of an Eye-Catching Query Letter

Advice is everywhere. You can search for great samples, read agent and editor’s interviews, or swing by Writer’s Digest for the instruction on eye-catching queries. I recommend doing all three in your pursuit of crafting something compelling. But before you do, keep these five elements in mind: Share Details: It’s amazing how many query letters […]

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