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Meaningful Conflicts: The Art of Friction

Over 90 short stories, prose, memoirs, essays, and poetry are contained in this “Developmental Anthology,” a richly diverse, creative ensemble by the Off Campus Writer’s Workshop (OCWW) community. The collection from forty-nine authors and fifteen poets, is composed of a vast array of interpretations on overcoming obstacles, including emotional friction, personal conflicts, generational disputes, and […]

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How Books Help You Ease Your Worry

Saying “no” to worry is not an easy feat. A Sage once observed that worry is almost impossible to avoid when we “live in a negative sea of human mental activity.” It’s true. Every day we’ve got millions of reasons to worry: “Will my career outlook improve?” “Will I finish my project?” “Will I make […]

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The Impact Makers: Voices of Leadership

Leadership expert and podcast host, Dan Albaum has authored a unique book of collective wisdom around exceptional leadership. In this book, and on his Market Impact Insights podcast, Albaum interviews top leaders in the industry and has tapped his vast network for valuable lessons on leadership success. Some of the key areas of focus in […]

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Author Q&A With Brooke Bentley

Brooke Bentley is a former television anchor and award-winning sports reporter. After graduating with a master’s in journalism from the University of Southern California, she spent two years working for the Houston Texans as a media personality and over a decade working in sports journalism. Brooke now devotes her time to championing local nonprofits, including Homemade […]

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Book Craft With Ellen Polk

Ellen Polk is the founder of Ellen Edits LLC, which she started in late 2017 after graduating from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus on public and professional communication and a graduate certificate in public health from IUPUI. Ellen provides copyediting and proofreading for digital content and full-length fiction and […]

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