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Southern Book Affairs

I miss living in the South. As a writer and reader, and yes, human being, one of the things I loved most is the hospitality that seems to be a life code for those who were born there or had migrated and stayed. Now don’t get me wrong, hospitality exists everywhere, but there’s just something […]

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Why BU Won’t Go AI

One of my content writing clients recently shifted his work request to revising. Let me explain. For some time, I’ve been writing his blogs, articles, newsletters, and ghostwriting his book. While I’m still doing book writing for him, he’s asked me to switch from creating content, to personalizing it. In other words, he’s adopted AI […]

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How Books Help You Ease Your Worry

Saying “no” to worry is not an easy feat. A Sage once observed that worry is almost impossible to avoid when we “live in a negative sea of human mental activity.” It’s true. Every day we’ve got millions of reasons to worry: “Will my career outlook improve?” “Will I finish my project?” “Will I make […]

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