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Celebrating December Holidays Through Books

I love holidays. All holidays. And what would holidays be without books that tell stories about traditions, journeys, customs, stories, and personal anecdotes. In fact, many authors have launched their careers just by writing about the holidays. The memories that stories invoke in each one of us is incredibly personal but treasured. That’s why so […]

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Why Book Conferences Are Worth The Investment

You don’t need me to tell you that conferences are invaluable. Knowing that, take this conference boost as a gentle reminder. Whenever I attend a conference, I’m energized, inspired, rife with new ideas, and overflowing with amazing connections. Conferences are not just about learning the craft or having a favorite book signed by the author. […]

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Yoga For Writers

After a recent writers’ collaboration session, which, by the way, was hosted online, I was stiff and sore from sitting for so long. And I heard more than one person complain about their daily stress dealing with work, life and trying to find time for their creative endeavors. This inspired me to write a short […]

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The Power of Books

Reading, reviewing, recommending, revisiting, relaxing, recharging, re-reading and repeat. I’ll go on to list gifting, writing, learning, sharing, blogging, teaching, etc. There is so much power that comes from the words within. While we know what books can do for us, why is it we often fail to give books the credit they deserve. Just […]

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Create Lasting Conference Experiences

Fifty? One hundred? I’ve lost count of the conferences that I’ve attended over the years. Some have been professional conferences focused on re-honing skills and attaining continuing education credits. At others I’ve been a keynote speaker (yeah, really) or have presented in breakout sessions. But those conferences never hold a candle to the ones that […]

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How Do I Pick The Books I Review?

My book reviews are not random. In fact, I get to choose from books sent to me by publishers, literary agents, librarians, publicists and booksellers and of course a few fellow authors who I’ve been fortunate to get to know. Additionally, I always select a few appealing ones off the bookshelves of bookstores I visit […]

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