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Play Dead

Supermodel Laura Ayers and Boston Celtic’s golden boy David Baskin are spending their honeymoon in Australia to avoid the paparazzi, along with Laura’s meddling mother. But what seems like a dream come true for two head-over-heels lovers quickly ends in tragedy—David goes missing and is presumed dead. Laura’s devastated, but her grief drives her to […]

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Good Reads for Your Career

The next time you visit the professional development section of your local bookstore, you might just feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many good reads out there it’s not only difficult to choose the most relevant tomes but it is challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest jargon, assessments and innovative strategies. […]

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She Was the Quiet One

How far would you go to protect someone you love? This overarching question is the theme of this addictive book by attorney and best-selling author, Michele Campbell. Sarah and Heath Donavan have been named the new dorm heads at the prestigious O’Dell Academy in New England. Tasked with cleaning up the marred reputation of Moreland […]

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They All Fall Down

Excited to participate in a reality show competition, Miriam Macy believes this golden opportunity will help her make things right. With the payment she receives for participating, coupled with the prize she hopes to win, Miriam can pay off her debts and reset her finances. More importantly, she can make things right with her daughter, […]

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The Switch

Two identical twins couldn’t be more different: Melina is an independent, successful and outgoing publicist and her sister, Gillian, is a woman who prefers her privacy and is consumed with having a child and starting a family. On a lark, Melina convinces Gillian to switch places with her and escort an astronaut who’s in Dallas […]

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