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Here’s a book about two conmen trying to outfox one another. The first, Weston Graham is a serial killer with a penchant for obsessive rituals so subtle they’re almost imperceptible. The second, Drex Easton has spent his entire life tracking him down. But Drex is not all that he seems. What’s clear is that he’s […]

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The Power of Books

Reading, reviewing, recommending, revisiting, relaxing, recharging, re-reading and repeat. I’ll go on to list gifting, writing, learning, sharing, blogging, teaching, etc. There is so much power that comes from the words within. While we know what books can do for us, why is it we often fail to give books the credit they deserve. Just […]

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I See You

Technology brings a whole new kind of crime—the ability to track someone’s every move and market them as commodities on the Internet. When Zoe Walker discovers her picture in a classified ad, she can’t shake the feeling that someone on her commute is behind it. And when more women’s photos appear each day and they’re […]

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The Break Down

This book poses the question: If you saw someone stranded on a dark and desolate road amidst a terrible storm, would you stop to help? A fearful Cass makes the decision not to. And when she’s discovered the woman that she’d passed was found murdered, she’s ravaged with guilt. That’s not the only thing tearing […]

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Create Lasting Conference Experiences

Fifty? One hundred? I’ve lost count of the conferences that I’ve attended over the years. Some have been professional conferences focused on re-honing skills and attaining continuing education credits. At others I’ve been a keynote speaker (yeah, really) or have presented in breakout sessions. But those conferences never hold a candle to the ones that […]

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“One for all, and all for one woman.” With its intriguing premise, this is a book I immediately snatched off the shelves. Who would have thought it would be a woman who would best the musketeers and become the most revered and feared woman in all of France? Lady Clarice’s story begins in 1615, growing […]

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