Here’s a book about two conmen trying to outfox one another. The first, Weston Graham is a serial killer with a penchant for obsessive rituals so subtle they’re almost imperceptible. The second, Drex Easton has spent his entire life tracking him down. But Drex is not all that he seems. What’s clear is that he’s a man on a mission, running from his past while simultaneously battling his own demons.

But what else is he?

Enter Talia Shafer. Though Drex believes she may be the link to outfoxing this predator, he’s unclear whether she’s his next victim or cunning accomplice. As his trust in Talia begins to wane and his past swiftly catches up with him, time runs short for Drex to stop Graham and put an end to his sadistic rein.

You already know that I’m a huge fan of Sandra Brown. If you’re looking for a book to escape with, solve a mystery and still be surprised at the end, all of Brown’s books should be lining your shelves. And what amazes me most about this author is how incredibly unique each story line is, as Outfox will prove. Take the seriously disturbing way that the killer Weston Graham is so subtle and clever. He’s been at this game a long time, he grows older and wiser with each kill and as he peppers in each crime in his fastidious obsession, this character will definitely raise the hair on the back of your neck.

I also love how Drex Easton is not what you’d expect. As a reader, you keep trying to wrap your head around this man’s story so you can settle into his mission, but alas, another clue pops up and you’re back to guessing who Drex really is. But at least he’s got a heart. He makes one sacrifice after another to protect those he cares for on his dogged pursuit for justice. And let’s not forget about the mysterious Talia. You’ll be both impressed and surprised at this woman’s moxie. I wouldn’t have the guts to take the risks she does, let alone live in her suspiciously perfect world.

‘Nuff said. Start reading.

Cover Image Courtesy of Grand Central Publishing

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