Interested in having your book reviewed, sharing your story, connecting with readers and publicizing your work?

Books Uplift is my personal passion project invoking “Literary Citizenship.” Participation is FREE!

Here’s the 411 on how Books Uplift can be your platform for success.

Book Reviews: I would be honored to review your book—or a book written by someone that you represent. Book reviews have a fun and positive tone and are posted on Books Uplift. Please read my Book Review Policy first. I’m your Book Ambassador so there is no charge for reviews!

Author Q&A: If you’re an author, an Author Q&A is designed to promote you and your work, and perhaps connect you to a new audience of readers. Author Q&A Questionnaire

Author’s Journey: Come alongside me, and other authors, to share your insights, and experiences, on the journey from idea to bookshelf.

Book Charities: If your charity involves books, let Books Uplift it! I would love to share the good work you’re doing in an article on Books Uplift.

Book Craft Spotlight: Book Craft Spotlights promote your work as an author coach, podcaster, webinar leader, publicist, digital, contests promoter, writer’s association leader, conference coordinator and author partner publisher. Book Craft Questionnaire. 

Bookstore Spotlight: Let Books Uplift shine a spotlight on your bookstore and the exciting things you’re doing to connect books to readers and readers to authors!

Books Uplift Spotlight: I’d love to spotlight your bookstore, charity, organization or personal efforts to uplift others through books.

Book Teasers: Share your upcoming book release including a short blurb from your book, and how you hope it uplifts readers (at the very least, makes them smile!) Book Teaser Guidelines

Guest Posts: The Books Uplift audience would love to read your Guest Posts and engaging, educational, and empowering content with a positive and uplifting theme. Guest Post Guidelines 

Social Media: I regularly share posts on social media including Facebook and Twitter…tweeting and re-tweeting posts ad infinitum. Instagram? You better have a darn good book cover and ‘back scratcher’:).

Affiliate Partnering: I would love to speak with you regarding a partnership. If I receive any product samples from partners, I will note in my blog. Otherwise, I will ask all corporate sponsors to send a donation to Save-A-Pet no-kill animal shelter in Grayslake, IL.

NOTE: Please direct all requests to email All Books Uplift participants will be added to my mailing list:)

Book Uplifts is my beloved literary citizenship endeavor. I ping it all out on social media, love to make folks smile, and hope to make new friends along the way. Only good vibes welcome here!

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