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Talking On Eggshells: Soft Skills for Hard Conversations

When you feel you must dance around someone’s feelings, approach conversations with caution, or constantly avoid poking the bear, you’re talking on eggshells. It’s exhausting and no way to relate to one another. Author, communications expert, and CEO of the Intrigue Agency, Sam Horn, presents the solution capitalizing on her successful communication strategy: “Tongue Fu,” […]

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Author Q&A With Kim Imas

Kim Imas received degrees in engineering and urban planning, from Duke and Harvard respectively, before pursuing a career as a writer. Her work appeared in Boston Magazine and The Boston Globe Magazine before she turned to longform fiction. Her first novel, a romance, was initially published under a pen name and earned praise from Publishers […]

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Author Q&A With Brent J. Ludwig

So welcome, readers. Today we’re speaking with author Brent J. Ludwig, whose debut novel, Those Who Would Be King: The People’s Prince, was published July 11, 2023. Brent is a former practicing lawyer who runs his own boutique executive search firm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Brent has a very busy life, with three teenage kids […]

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Book Teaser: Under The Java Moon

Uncover the harrowing account of a Dutch family separated by WWII in 1941 during the rarely taught Japanese occupation of Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies) in writer Heather B. Moore’s novel Under the Java Moon. This historical fiction novel is based on a true story where Marie Vischer retells her family’s personal journey of […]

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Why BU Won’t Go AI

One of my content writing clients recently shifted his work request to revising. Let me explain. For some time, I’ve been writing his blogs, articles, newsletters, and ghostwriting his book. While I’m still doing book writing for him, he’s asked me to switch from creating content, to personalizing it. In other words, he’s adopted AI […]

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6 Picks: Books That Help You Take Back Your Power

A supervisor manages an obstinate subordinate.  A college student feels bullied by a peer. A professional works alongside a surly colleague.  A parent struggles to get support from their child’s teacher. Their roles and relationships may be different, but the challenge is the same—the feeling of helplessness. When you feel helpless it’s easy to become a […]

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