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Advice From Pros: Allison Felus

Allison Felus is a twenty-year veteran of the publishing industry, with experience managing workflows and creating efficiencies across editorial and production departments. She has edited and/or prepared for print scores of titles in a variety of genres and is currently a proud resident of Chicago. She is a fantastic, and multitalented human being, podcast host, […]

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Writer’s Corner: 6 Items Every Author Should Include on Their Resume

Why bother with an author resume? Well, despite what you might have heard, or tried to convince yourself, the resume is still a mandatory document. This is true even for authors. In my former career, I spent over twenty years helping clients excel in their workplace and achieve their professional dreams. While often acceleration occurred […]

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Writer’s Corner: Are You A Distracted Writer?

Each writer has their unique approach. Time for writing, style of writing, approach to writing, location for writing, and of course content of writing. The diversity of authors and stories is growing like never before. It’s exciting. It’s applauded. But what about the diversity in “how” people write? I’m a writer wondering if there’s anyone out […]

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Advice From Pros: Meg Gaertner

Meg Gaertner is the Managing Editor for fiction books at Jolly Fish Press and Flux (North Star Editions) where she currently acquires and edits young adult and middle grade novels. Though Meg’s first career choice was in the medical field, her trajectory changed when she rediscovered her love for writing. She went on to earn her MFA in […]

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