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Strategic Impact: A Leader’s Three-Step Framework for the Customized Vital Strategic Plan

Here’s another catchy phrase that business leaders like to throw around—strategic planning. Yet, the ones who really get it and see its value are the leaders who’ve taken their business to great heights. And there’s the critical difference. You can say you’re doing this, or you can really do this and mean it. Your team […]

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Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

Everyone knows legendary basketball star and coach, Phil Jackson, and much for his unconventional approach to leading elite athletes onto championship victory. What you may not know his how he chose a more mindful and spiritual path to success and how he thoughtfully blended spiritual wisdom with traditional methodologies to achieve unapparelled success on the […]

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Unapologetically Ambitious

I absolutely love this book. And I so wish that I had read this book in my youth. Because of those and many other reasons, I have starred this as one I’ll gift again and again to the young people in my life. What a thoughtful, motivational journey author Shellye Archambeau has outlined. From the […]

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