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United Through Reading

Our military heroes make immeasurable sacrifices for our safety and well-being. One of these sacrifices includes leaving their loved ones behind. While adults and older children can respectfully understand obligation of duty, younger children often experience more difficulty coming to terms with this separation. Finding ways to stay connected not only eases both parties’ loneliness […]

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Snowy Valentine

When Jasper Bunny goes in search for the perfect Valentine’s Gift for his wife, Lilly, he turns to his neighbors for ideas. Each of them has created something special for their loved ones, but these unique gifts don’t seem to be the right fit for his love and in his pursuits, he encounters tricksters and […]

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Reach Out and Read

If you have young children, you want them to grow up to be strong, healthy and happy. You’ll do everything within your power to provide them with nutrient-rich foods and the best in quality healthcare. But what about feeding their brains? When you make time to read to your child and introduce them to the […]

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The Secret Journey of a Library Book

“Many people don’t realize that in order to make room for new books libraries have to get rid of old ones,” explains Catherine Savage, Head of Communications for the Vernon Area Public Library (VAPL) in Lincolnshire, Illinois. This is one of the novel (pun intended) behind the scenes facts that most of us don’t know […]

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Second Chance Sam

They had me at Dogs & Books: Read, Rescue and Repeat! the name of the publishing group for a series of books inspiring us to adopt from shelters. Second-Chance Sam: King of the Junkyard by JoAnn Sky and illustrated by John Tatulli is the story of an older dog, Sam, who finally gets adopted from […]

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Books That Build Community

For over a hundred years, Mel Trotter Ministries—a Christian-based ministry and shelter in West Michigan—has grown their mission to end homelessness one life at a time. As part of their numerous outreach programs they also host ninety-day devotional studies and provide books to those attending programs at Mel Trotter Ministries or seeking needed services and […]

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Raise Your Hand

It’s scary to speak up. And when you raise your hand in class and give the wrong answer, it makes you think twice about speaking up again. This is how eleven-year-old Alice Paul Tapper felt when she raised her hand in school. After ruminating on this embarrassing classroom situation she talked with her mom who […]

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Life Lessons Found In Books

Sometimes our “ah-ha” moments come from books. Even fiction helps us find our truths and learn which path to take. Journaling is also a wonderful way to gain insight. Even writing your own story uncovers personal insight while sharing your story, pains and triumphs. It may also help you share your valuable life lessons with […]

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