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Always Watching: Book One in the Elite Guardians Series

This book is an exciting start to the series by Lynette Eason, centered on an all-female bodyguard team. When her teammate, Maddy, is brutally attacked, Olivia Edwards steps in as bodyguard to celebrity psychiatrist and radio host, Wade Savage. He’s being stalked by a woman who’s made it abundantly clear she will stop at nothing […]

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The Coworker

When sales star Natalie’s fastidious and compulsive coworker fails to show up for work, she knows something is wrong. Her colleague Dawn is an annoying pest, socially awkward and obsessed with turtles. It’s also obvious Dawn envies Natalie and is bent on becoming her friend. But Natalie has little time, or interest, in Dawn. Suddenly, […]

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Author’s Journey: Fantastic Online Courses for Authors and Writers

The busy life of a writer and author leaves little time for learning. Still, continuous improvement and professional development is critical in any professional endeavor. It’s important that authors interact with their fans, friends, fellows, and industry professionals. But it’s not always easy. Conferences, signings, and other events take a toll. Time away from family, […]

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Author Q&A With Randy Overbeck

Dr. Randy Overbeck is the author of the bestselling series, the Haunted Shores Mysteries, winner of nine national awards. This fall the Wild Rose Press will release his newest work, an atmospheric amateur sleuth mystery, Cruel Lessons, the first installment in a new series set in schools, “Lessons in Peril.” He is the host of […]

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So Close

This book took my breath away. The cover was gorgeous, the writing was enthralling, the plot and point of views, incredible. Sylvia Day is a master storyteller and this first installment in her new Blacklist series has me hooked. Wealthy, successful widower, Kane Black is hailed as the sexiest, most eligible bachelor in Manhattan. Women […]

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