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Advice From Pros: Meg Gaertner

Meg Gaertner is the Managing Editor for fiction books at Jolly Fish Press and Flux (North Star Editions) where she currently acquires and edits young adult and middle grade novels. Though Meg’s first career choice was in the medical field, her trajectory changed when she rediscovered her love for writing. She went on to earn her MFA in […]

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Author’s Journey: Fantastic Online Courses for Authors and Writers

The busy life of a writer and author leaves little time for learning. Still, continuous improvement and professional development is critical in any professional endeavor. It’s important that authors interact with their fans, friends, fellows, and industry professionals. But it’s not always easy. Conferences, signings, and other events take a toll. Time away from family, […]

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Finding Your Fire and Keeping It Hot: Discovering your Why, Your Passion, Your Purpose in Life

Short but impactful, Find Your Fire gets to the heart of the matter—finding your purpose, what lights you, and putting your whole self into the endeavor. Diana Stout’s resume hosts a litany of honors and credentials, but she humbles herself in this book as she shares openly what compelled her to become a full-time writer. […]

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Writer’s Corner: 5 Ways to Make the Most of The Publishing Industry’s Holiday Break

If you’re a writer, author, literary agent, publisher, or publicist, you get this title. It’s that time of year when all doors close to submissions and interactions with those in the industry. If you plan to reach out to editors and agents this month, odds are you’ll soon get an auto-reply that they are closed […]

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