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Is a Creative Career Calling You? 

John always had a passion for books and art, but thanks to his parents was encouraged to get his business degree and become a banker like his father. Though John is doing well financially, and he’s provided his family with benefits and the security of a solid savings account, John feels little joy in his […]

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Witch This Way

Abby hales from a family of powerful witches and is also a best-selling author. To date, she’s been able to pragmatically balance her life between the witch and novel-writing human worlds, but lately, she’s been struggling. Her powers have been “wonky,” and some powerful force is interceding with her energy which is just one of […]

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The New Husband

Here’s a unique twist on a story of a woman suffering from severe grief and loss of self-esteem who finds love in an unexpected place that leads her down a path of unsettling suspicion. Nina is still trying to put the pieces of her life together after her husband, Glenn, went missing over a year […]

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Big Summer

Daphne Berg certainly knows how to turn tragedy into triumph. But it hasn’t been easy, nor has it come without a price. After being fat-shamed by her former best friend, Drue, at a club, Daphne finally stands up for herself. Her bold declaration goes viral and launches her career as a social media influencer. Now […]

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7 Ways To Lessen the Sting of Insults (And Books That Will Help)

If you’re an author, a marketing director, an accountant, a celebrity, a career professional, or a business owner, you’ve had to dodge a few insults in your professional lifetime. Everyone has. Now, I’m not talking about constructive criticism; I’m talking about hurtful remarks intended to sting. These insults can really stink and despite the intent […]

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