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Reach Out and Read

If you have young children, you want them to grow up to be strong, healthy and happy. You’ll do everything within your power to provide them with nutrient-rich foods and the best in quality healthcare. But what about feeding their brains? When you make time to read to your child and introduce them to the […]

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True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership

“When you are aligned with who you are, you find coherence between your life and your leadership.” This arresting book by Bill George and Peter Sims questions why so many with the capacity for great leadership are not fully realizing their potential. One governing conclusion they present is that many don’t understand what really constitutes […]

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How Do I Pick The Books I Review?

My book reviews are not random. In fact, I get to choose from books sent to me by publishers, literary agents, librarians, publicists and booksellers and of course a few fellow authors who I’ve been fortunate to get to know. Additionally, I always select a few appealing ones off the bookshelves of bookstores I visit […]

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Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give it Their All and They’ll Give You Even More

One of the biggest challenges faced in the workplace by employers is developing and retaining high performers. Most organizations’ leaders believe that limited resources, toxicity and tight budgets are the biggest reasons why employees disengage or don’t always perform at their peak. However, according to the “Hundred Percenter Index” conducted by Leadership IQ, the real […]

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Blood Orange

Embroiled in an unhealthy and dangerous affair with her colleague, Alison is teetering on losing everything—her marriage, her professional respect and her daughter. She’s an attorney, and with her first murder trial looming, she needs to pull herself together, prove her client innocent and cut out the excessive drinking and philandering; but she just can’t […]

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Heart on a String 

High school junior Marissa McDonald is out running one day when she stumbles upon a heart-shaped balloon stuck in a tree. Attached to the balloon is a note from a young boy to the brother he recently lost; but seeing how it never reached its heavenly destination, Marissa decides to take matters into her own […]

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