Blood Orange

Blood Orange

Embroiled in an unhealthy and dangerous affair with her colleague, Alison is teetering on losing everything—her marriage, her professional respect and her daughter. She’s an attorney, and with her first murder trial looming, she needs to pull herself together, prove her client innocent and cut out the excessive drinking and philandering; but she just can’t quit.

When threatening texts align with her indiscretions and her lover displays his abusive side, Alison grows even more anxious and withdrawn.

Her husband Carl repeatedly warns her that her drinking and long hours at the office are driving a rift between them and adversely affecting their daughter. She knows he’s right, but before she can set about making amends, things quickly derail. One traumatic event after another forces Alison to wake up from an alcohol induced fog and fight her disturbing reality in order to reclaim her daughter and her life.

Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce takes the reader into a dark abyss.

Once arrived, you can’t help but experience an onslaught of emotions that beg for a healthy resolution. You feel sorry and slighted that Alison becomes so lost and at the same time you root for her to drag herself out of this bitter and toxic lifestyle and back into her daughter’s unconditional love. Ironically, this cleverly crafted story presents hope and intrigue at each turn. The stark honesty of how a loveless marriage and brutal profession can take its toll is cleverly portrayed. Coupled with the psychological suspense that builds with each anonymous text and the strangely paralleling legal cases, this is a must read. But before diving into Blood Orange, buckle up for an emotional-roller coaster that confronts the hardest hitting topics including infidelity, abuse, addiction and murder.

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