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Author Q&A with James Benn

I “ran” into James R. Benn through the Author’s Guild. And when I took a look at his works, the themes and the compelling book covers, I just had to meet him. Not only is he a prolific writer of historical fiction, but he’s the Dilys, Barry, Sue Feder Historical Mystery award nominated author for […]

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A Reason to Be: A Novel

One of the great elements of this uniquely compelling romance by Norman McCombs is that the protagonist is 70-years-old. Battling depression due to grieving over his lost wife, Douglas McCombs is encouraged by his friend to get out of his apartment and start living life again. Grudgingly he agrees and yet surprisingly finds himself mesmerized […]

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Murder on Cold Street

Here’s an interesting take on a Victorian murder mystery—Sherlock Holmes is a “she.” Charlotte Holmes is the sister of the infamous “Sherlock” and only a few are aware of her true identity and unique abilities to solve mysteries in his name. As many women were forced to do, Charlotte has adopted a non-assuming identity all […]

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“One for all, and all for one woman.” With its intriguing premise, this is a book I immediately snatched off the shelves. Who would have thought it would be a woman who would best the musketeers and become the most revered and feared woman in all of France? Lady Clarice’s story begins in 1615, growing […]

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Carnegie’s Maid

When she steps foot in America, Clara Kelly has little to her name. A poor farmer’s daughter sent from Ireland in hopes that she can make a better life for herself is ill-prepared for what she is about to face. Stuck on the dock with no money for transport to her distant relatives in Pittsburgh, […]

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Beneath A Scarlett Sky

Set in the year 1943, this book by author Mark Sullivan tells the tales of victims and survivors of the Nazi invasion of Italy during World War Two. While it is a work of fiction, the book is based on facts and is told from the perspective of a true war hero, Pino Lella. Seventeen-year-old […]

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Juliet’s Moon

Twelve-year-old Juliet is the sister to Seth Bradshaw, one of William Clarke Quantrill’s bushwhackers, who raided and revenged during the height of the Civil War. The day her father was killed and her home burned by the Yankees, Juliet follows her brother’s instructions and stays with his intended Martha and her sisters. But when the […]

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