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Snowy Valentine

Jasper Bunny goes on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife, Lilly. In need of inspiration, he turns to his friends but ends up caught in one trick and trap after another. Until a little bird gives him the answer he seeks, only then Jasper realizes the perfect gift was right in […]

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Celebrating December Holidays Through Books

I love holidays. All holidays. And what would holidays be without books that tell stories about traditions, journeys, customs, stories, and personal anecdotes. In fact, many authors have launched their careers just by writing about the holidays. The memories that stories invoke in each one of us is incredibly personal but treasured. That’s why so […]

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Santa’s Wish Fulfilled

Christmastime is filled with some bad memories for Roz Henry. Last year, she lost her boyfriend and her job, then her beloved grandfather fell ill. She’d returned to her small East-Coast hometown of Dickens. There she runs into her old high school flame Cooper Brown. In time their second chance romance blossoms but what started […]

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