A Christmas Miracle for the Frosty Marquess

A Christmas Miracle for the Frosty Marquess

Author Sally Forbes paints a lovely picture in this story about two lost souls bound by matrimony, who find that love truly can blossom in the most unexpected places. In this regency romance, the kind and gentle Lady Clara Bennett is betrothed to Julian Hawthorne, the Marquess of Silverstone.
Ever since his mother’s passing, life holds little joy for Julian, especially during the holiday season. Known for his frosty demeanor and penchant for solitude, Julian is deeply troubled when his father selfishly secures the marital contract as a solution to his needs. But when Julian is reunited with Clara, a long-lost childhood friend, he’s surprised to find her not only enchanting and attractive but brimming with enough sunshine and warmth to melt his bitter heart.

This is a delightful romance and a well-written one too.

What I especially liked about this book is the visuals: specifically, the cover and the expert way that Forbes creates a scene with her words. One almost feels as if they’re decorating the manor alongside the characters, stringing garland around oak banisters, and adorning a towering freshly cut tree, the scent of cinnamon and spruce in the air. The author also thoughtfully paces the story, sprinkling in enough backstory to feel the protagonists’ wounds, but keeping each page fresh with tension and anticipation.

In search of a smile-worthy fireside read? Then A Christmas Miracle is for you. Warning: this romance does have an HEA, and one just sweet enough to enhance your favorite holiday treat.

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