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Autophagy: How to Use Your Body’s Natural Intelligence for Self-Cleansing, Anti-Aging and Rapid Weight Loss

This book by Avery Hansen revealed itself through my search for healthy living. While I’ve heard of intermittent fasting before, I didn’t realize there was a correlation with cellular regeneration—which is something I’m extremely fascinated by. The author shares her personal story and incredible research into the process of encouraging autophagy and how this stage, […]

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Why I Write Book Reviews

A while back I was discussing my journey and passions with a very successful author. She was quite surprised to learn that I don’t profit from my Books Uplift site. Interesting. I understand and respect that many authors have a platform for blogging and writing that helps grow their brand and followers. That’s outstanding and […]

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Author Q&A with C. D’Angelo

A Floridian who enjoys art and music, C. D’Angelo loves traveling and incorporates all three passions into her prose. Although The Difference is fiction, there were some mysteries in her family history and in the last few years, she’s met new family members who brought light to what was in the dark. She’s thrilled to […]

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My Strong Mind: I’m proactive and keep my emotions in check

Niels Van Hove has done it again—created an uplifting book that shares an encouraging message for kids and adults, alike. The My Strong Mind series is a great way to bolster children’s, and adult’s, courage and confidence. In this addition, his characters Jack and Kate discuss what they’ve learned in school and realize that today’s […]

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10 Exciting Writing Spots to Refresh Your Inner Muse

If you’re reading this right now, you may well be suffering from cabin fever after working from home for upwards of a year. We’ve all felt the restlessness that comes with independent remote working at some point, especially as writer—whether you’re an author self-publishing your book, a student in online school, or a professional working […]

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