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Heal Yourself: A Return to Wholeness – The Integration of Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Michelle Fondin bares her soul in this thoughtful guide to healing. She shares her personal struggle with her mother’s limiting beliefs, her fight with cancer and the obstacles she’s faced on her path to balance, wholeness and peace in her life. Yet this is not a story of Fondin’s life. While she does share her […]

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Hypno-Mindfulness Made Easy

This latest release by author and hypnotherapist Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D. challenges you to consider how success is all in the mind. In other words, the powerful and complex network of your mental engagement holds the key to your outcomes. First, you’re introduced to the way the mind works and how thoughts are to be held […]

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The Breathing Book

“Throughout time the process of breathing was always considered inseparable from our health, consciousness, and spirit, and it is only recently that we have reduced breathing to a more respiratory exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.” What happened? The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi answers the question of how we have evolved to take our […]

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