The Eloquence of Silence: Surprising Wisdom in Tales of Emptiness

The Eloquence of Silence: Surprising Wisdom in Tales of Emptiness

Author of Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore, humbly presents his most recent book with an introduction that made me a believer. A believer of his promise that less is more.” By exercising the hard-won lessons he shares throughout this book, Ive discovered its a promise kept. Thats rare. Especially in this age of too much is not enough, and youre not finished until you’re exhausted and spent. Huh? When put that way, its no wonder this book serves as an antidote for the overwhelmed body, mind, and soul.

Welcome to The Eloquence of Silence.

Moore draws inspiration from spiritual traditions, folktales, literature, and personal accounts to inspire the appreciation of emptiness. He starts by reminding how modern culture balks against the idea of emptiness and less, deeming it somehow unworthy and uninspiring, and perhaps a path to empty results. Then through parables, spiritual teachings, and stories passed down through generations, he flips the script and illustrates the lighter, positive side of silence.

If youre a business professional, you know the value of silence in negotiating. If youre a parent or teacher, you know the power of silence to invite sharing. If youre provoked, you know how silence is a healthier response (or lack of one) than choosing reactivity. Moore gives solid examples as proof, coupled with strategies for operating in a more elevated, mindful plane, which allows you to stay in control and achieve more positive outcomes.

This is both a book for sustenance and strategy. It feeds the soul and nourishes the spirit. But more importantly, it awakens the consciousness.

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