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The Governess

If you’re looking for a truly enjoyable collection of historical romances, then check out the series Ladies of Miss Bell’s Finishing School by Elizabeth Johns. Much to her friends’ dismay, Adelaide Elliot chooses a life as a governess over taking a chance on courtship after completing her schooling at Miss Bell’s. But when she arrives […]

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The Princess Who Loved Hot Chocolate

Sounds like the title of my next picture book. And maybe it is. Stay tuned. But let’s look at the logic of this statement. It really hits the target on just how many of us—real-life princesses and princes—love a good hot chocolate as a celebratory elixir. But as Simon Sinek would ask, “What’s Your Why?” […]

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Summer Rain

Corporate espionage, illegal arms dealing, government threats, Mayan magic, unsolved mysteries and unlikely romance are the themes throughout the Lightening Strikes series by Barbara Freethy. Just like a great romantic suspense trilogy should, this series takes you on a rollercoaster ride from Miami Beach to the Yucatan to Washington D.C. telling the tale of a […]

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Name That Dog

This picture book doesn’t need explanation to give you an idea of the storyline—finding a new name for your new puppy. That is exactly how the idea and the book were birthed. When author Peggy Archer created a poem about her new puppy she embarked on doing that very same thing for a variety of […]

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As Sarah Harrington McKay walks along this familiar English village green she encounters a man who will change her life forever—Eddie David. It was love at first sight for both of them. An instant connection takes place and begins a week of two souls falling deep into the spell of one another. This magical gift […]

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Confessions of a Wild Child

So you’re traveling, charging your e-reader when a book in the airport store catches your eye. That’s how I met Jackie Collins’ Confessions of a Wild Child. Oh sure. Who hasn’t heard of Jackie Collins, the best-selling, Beverly Hills author who’s been writing scandalous novels often based on the rich and famous in the same […]

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Beneath A Scarlett Sky

Set in the year 1943, this book by author Mark Sullivan tells the tales of victims and survivors of the Nazi invasion of Italy during World War Two. While it is a work of fiction, the book is based on facts and is told from the perspective of a true war hero, Pino Lella. Seventeen-year-old […]

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