As Sarah Harrington McKay walks along this familiar English village green she encounters a man who will change her life forever—Eddie David. It was love at first sight for both of them. An instant connection takes place and begins a week of two souls falling deep into the spell of one another.

This magical gift was just what Sarah needed to believe that there was life again beyond her recent divorce and for her to see what love should really be like. For Eddie, he found the one person who has made his world whole again and could lift him above the worries and work of his emotionally distraught mother. These two lovers not only share a physical and emotional connection, but also a spiritual tie that they have yet to uncover.

It’s seven days of bliss until Eddie leaves for a scheduled trip and disappears. In Sarah’s fervent efforts to find him she stumbles upon a clue that lets her know that Eddie’s mysterious disappearance is not an accident, but rather intentional—he’s discovered the truth about Sarah’s past. It takes Sarah much more time to put the pieces together but when she finally does, she realizes that she must make the ultimate sacrifice for the only man she’s ever loved.

I love this book by Rosie Walsh because it is both a romance and well, sort of a suspense, drama and mystery, all rolled into one; but it took several chapters for me to attach myself to Sarah’s story. At first, I was frustrated with Sarah’s character, believing the whole journey would be about a forty-year-old woman obsessed with a man she had a brief affair with, no matter how incredible. As her family, friends and clients—she runs a charity—were battling major hurdles of life and death, here is this woman lamenting on and on about her worries and constantly checking her social media for hints of this man she fell for. I thought, “Really? Get over him,” as her dearest friends also advised.

But then something changed. The author dropped a few hints in that there is more to Eddie’s ghosting. The mysterious hooded figure that shows up at Sarah’s friend Tommy’s business event, the cryptic message Sarah receives warning her not to try and find Eddie and the tell tale signs that Eddie (or someone) is reading her messages but not responding. These and other compelling clues keep you hooked until the very end. And as you learn more about these two characters you can’t help but hope they find a way back to one another so you keep on reading. Then as Sarah’s story unfolds, I moved past my initial judgment and fiercely attached myself to her plight and, I promise, you will too.

This book hooks you until the very end, which I will admit, I in no way saw coming. I was so impressed with this unusual plot and how creatively the author built the story arc. And for such a short book, Walsh developed a group of supporting characters that will both perfect compliments and uniquely compelling on their own.


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