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Author Q&A with Todd Hosea 

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Todd Hosea started his career serving at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Air Force Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Afterwards, he went on to complete his degree. Originally from Indiana, Todd spent many summers in Colorado where he says, “The mountains […]

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Author Q&A with James Benn

I “ran” into James R. Benn through the Author’s Guild. And when I took a look at his works, the themes and the compelling book covers, I just had to meet him. Not only is he a prolific writer of historical fiction, but he’s the Dilys, Barry, Sue Feder Historical Mystery award nominated author for […]

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Blind Turn

This is the story of Jess Johnson, a promising high school track star whose life changes with the blink of an eye. While out driving with her friend she hits and kills their small town’s beloved football coach. The trauma combined with a concussion has erased Jess’s memory of what happened that fateful afternoon. And […]

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Author Q&A with Brett Champan

Outdoorsman and philanthropist, Brett Champan is also a best-selling author of books that blend nature, reflections, history, spirituality, life and love. Each of his works promote the wonders that lie out of doors and being from Wisconsin, there is no doubt that Brett has personally experienced his share of nature’s bounty. The amazing thing is […]

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No Sin Unpunished

Texas Ranger Faith McClellan and detective Graham Hardin are back in LynDee Walker’s thriller No Sin Unpunished. This time they are together, literally, and their relationship, while providing strength and a semblance of normalcy to Faith, is also creating tension. She knows that Graham wants to deepen the connection, but she fears that opening the […]

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House of Brides

In this novel from Australian author Jane Cockram, you’ll discover elements you love in a gripping story—a haunted home, a mysterious disappearance, a suspense-filled family drama but with a contemporary twist. Miranda Courtenay has built her successful business, celebrity identity and entire world on social media. Her days are filled with followers but void of […]

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The Things She’s Seen

There’s something dark going on in the remote Australian town where Detective Michael Teller’s latest case takes him. A fire has destroyed a home for orphaned and wayward children and two bodies have been found inside—one burnt beyond recognition. This fire has opened a Pandora’s Box of sorts, as there is a cold case possibly […]

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Author Q&A with CJ Warrant

Looking for an author who will take you on a journey with her words and at the same time, bend over backwards in support of authors, readers and the community? Then meet CJ Warrant, a prolific published romantic author living in the Chicago area. “Not your everyday romance” is the theme of her works which […]

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Author Q&A with Tabetha Waite

A writer of romance and an award-winning author, Tabetha Waite is crushing it in the publishing world with her historical series, compelling heroines and heart-throbbing heroes. She’s not only a talented and prolific writer but has won many awards for her works including the Feathered Quill Award and the coveted Best Indie Book Award. Tabetha, […]

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A Reason to Be: A Novel

One of the great elements of this uniquely compelling romance by Norman McCombs is that the protagonist is 70-years-old. Battling depression due to grieving over his lost wife, Douglas McCombs is encouraged by his friend to get out of his apartment and start living life again. Grudgingly he agrees and yet surprisingly finds himself mesmerized […]

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