How to Protect a Princess

How to Protect a Princess

The first in the bodyguard series “Wilde Ways: Gone Rouge,” How to Protect a Princess brings together two conflicting characters in a suspenseful, romantic read. Youll adore the stunning covers and heart pounding read in the three books collective by Cynthia Eden.

Juliet Laurent has her mother to thank for a chance at living a normal life. After running away from her controlling royal husband, Juliets mother came to America and raised her daughter alone and in as close to normal upbringing as she possibly could. Though Juliet knows about her royal roots, shes determined to stay on the path of an ordinary young woman with hopes and dreams. Shes going to college, living in her modest home, and making ends meet by tending bar at a local dive.

Yes, shes a princess, but shes pushed that legacy aside as she hides in plain sight.

That is until her father, the king, lay on his deathbed and insists on bringing his daughter, the princess, back to take over upon his demise. When the media gets wind theres royalty living secretly in a small Louisiana parish, they descend like vultures fighting to be the first to unveil this global headline. Thankfully, the royal administration took precautions fit to secure the princess. Unfortunately, shes not convinced this is all real nor is the man sent to protect her truly there for altruistic reasons.

When he walks into a maelstrom, bodyguard Constantine Leos is furious to discover his client running frantically from the media. To top it off, her life has been threatened. He quickly steps in and secures her safety but its a monumental task. She opposes him at every turn then hes challenged to convince her that hes a legitimate bodyguard assigned to her protection and that yes, her princess status is no longer covert. From the moment Constantine saw Juliets picture, he was instantly enamored and that only adds to the trouble—he cant be impartial. In fact, he succumbs to her plea to help her not only run from danger, but from her royal duties.

Forced proximity is the trope for this story that brings two headstrong, independent fighters together. This contemporary romance is fun, flirty, steamy, and very fast paced. If you enjoy romantic suspense with HEAs filled with plenty of engaging characters, then the Wilde Ways series is your next must read.

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