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Praise for Books Uplift

“THANK YOU for the very positive review of my book.  I am humbled and am so happy you liked the book and are sharing it with others. I’m so impressed with what you’ve built and what you do 😊.  Amazing!” ~ Dan Albaum

“A student of mine, Anna, recently expressed wanting to take writing more seriously because she wants to be an author one day. I asked her if she had any specific direction she would like to take, and she shared with me that she has been doing her own research and specifically sent me to Books Uplift as a resources that has helped her a lot. We’ve gone through it one by one with extra time at the end of the past couple meetings so we wanted to send a thank you! It was Anna’s idea, but she is a bit too shy to reach out on her own, so I told her we could send a thank you together.” ~ Holly, Librarian and Teacher.

“I wanted to send kudos your way, because you are working hard to include other writers and give them a platform! Wish everyone was so generous with their time and website space.” ~ G.P. Gottlieb.

“Books Uplift provides incredible resources to writers. I spent hours reading the reviews, Q&As and author insights. I’m thrilled to be connected with you! Thank you for including me in your community!!” ~ Brooke Bentley

“Goodness, Kimberly, I couldn’t be more flattered! While people may think I’m fun, you, are the epitome of grace and goodwill. I expect great things from you. Thank you for the glowing review. I am touched beyond words.” ~ Kathy L. Wheeler

“Wow, thank you so much!” ~ Kara Golden, Founder of Hint

“Thank you very much for the feature!” ~ Rebecca Wildbear

“Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of my story!” ~ Ellen Polk






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