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Damaging Secrets

When her husband is killed in the line of duty, Chicago detective Rachel Ryder starts life anew in Georgia. Though she hopes this small town will bring her some semblance of peace, she’s ready to resume her reputation as a determined investigator who puts it all on the line to find the truth. But not […]

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Night Night, Norman 

This beautiful bedtime story by Marie Dimitrova and Illustrated by Romi Caron is the perfect evening companion for children (of all ages). It tells the story of Ellie and her horse, Norman, as they prepare for the end of the day. After Ellie says goodnight, Norman grows curious as to where she goes and sets […]

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Author Q&A with Natascha Biebow

When it comes to the ‘craft’ of writing, author Natascha Biebow is someone you need to follow. Not only has she had success with her own works, but she dedicates her days (and more) to helping others realize their dreams of authorship. A little about Natascha: Her favorite crayon color is periwinkle blue because it […]

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Smoke Screen

She got it wrong, big time, with her first lucky break as a budding television reporter in Charleston SC, and now, newswoman Britt Shelley is on the run for her life. The book opens with a shaken, confused and disoriented Britt who finds herself in a strange environment, a strange bed and no memory of […]

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Author Q&A with Valerie Brooks

Many authors are teachers. They have an inherent love for learning and sharing this passion with their students. But Oregon-based author Valerie Brooks is not only an author but owns a business that teaches aspiring authors how to break through doubt, live a creative life and write their bestseller. If you’re an aspiring or seasoned […]

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The Things She’s Seen

There’s something dark going on in the remote Australian town where Detective Michael Teller’s latest case takes him. A fire has destroyed a home for orphaned and wayward children and two bodies have been found inside—one burnt beyond recognition. This fire has opened a Pandora’s Box of sorts, as there is a cold case possibly […]

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Author Q&A with CJ Warrant

Looking for an author who will take you on a journey with her words and at the same time, bend over backwards in support of authors, readers and the community? Then meet CJ Warrant, a prolific published romantic author living in the Chicago area. “Not your everyday romance” is the theme of her works which […]

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Author Q&A with Tabetha Waite

A writer of romance and an award-winning author, Tabetha Waite is crushing it in the publishing world with her historical series, compelling heroines and heart-throbbing heroes. She’s not only a talented and prolific writer but has won many awards for her works including the Feathered Quill Award and the coveted Best Indie Book Award. Tabetha, […]

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Legacy of Lies

In Robert Bailey’s first book in the Bocephus Haynes series, he sets the tone for Bo’s comeback when he commits to defend his friend and colleague, Attorney General Helen Lewis, who’s been accused of killing her ex-husband. A down-on-his luck former top defense lawyer, Bo Haynes has led a troubled life. He was falsely accused […]

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