Night Night, Norman 

Night Night, Norman 

This beautiful bedtime story by Marie Dimitrova and Illustrated by Romi Caron is the perfect evening companion for children (of all ages). It tells the story of Ellie and her horse, Norman, as they prepare for the end of the day. After Ellie says goodnight, Norman grows curious as to where she goes and sets out to discover. As he leaves his barn and embarks on an evening of adventure, he realizes that many man-made comforts are just too tempting to ignore.

What I love most about this book is the illumination of the bond between a little girl and her pet horse.

Maybe we don’t always consider our animal friends separation anxiety and their curiosity about their human’s activities, but this book brings that to light. It also opens the door for this conversation with children and provides them with a delightful narrative of what keeps their pet occupied after they say goodnight. The darling illustrations, coupled with the humorous adventures of a mischievous horse, only add to this picture book’s appeal.

Image Courtesy of Greenleaf Book Group

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