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The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven

Historical romance readers will adore this medieval French fantasy by Jennifer Ivy Walker. This story is about a tragic love triangle that ends with the most intriguing hook. Young Princess Issylte poses a threat to her new stepmother, Queen Morag. The queen takes an instant dislike of the young girl who stands in her way […]

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Author Q&A with Paige E. Ewing

Spokesperson for data management, analytics, and AI software by day and fiction writer, gardener, and archery enthusiast by weekend, author Paige E. Ewing fell in love with writing at a young age. She turned her classroom daydreams into stories that grew in length (and content depth) as she honed her craft. After reading story after […]

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Book Teaser: UnSuited

A YOUNG WOMAN MUST DECIDE IF SHE CAN LEAD THE REBELLION AGAINST A CLASSIST, UBER-CAPITALIST SOCIETY IN THIS EXCITING SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE AUGLAND SERIES Ashton has escaped. She’s made it outside the walls of the faux-utopian theme park Augland where the wealthy and powerful artificially augment their bodies and lives. But is the rebellion […]

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The Islands of Iros

Fans of fantasy, you’ll love this new middle grade release from Peruvian author, L.M. Bracklow. When three young warriors come together to fight their enemies, magic happens. Not necessarily in the way you might imagine, but rather, unfurling a path of empowerment. When fate brings three young dreamers together at the Nakamur Training Camp, they […]

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Author Q&A with Scott Kimak

An author who is busy at work inviting readers into another dimension, Scott Kimak is also a martial artist and a teacher. His post-apocalyptic adventures are those written by a man with a vivid imagination, but also one of very few words. So, I’ll let him Scott take the floor and tell his story here. […]

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Dread Nation

This is the first in a unique fantasy series by Justina Ireland told from the perspective of the Heroine Jane McKeene. Set in the reconstruction era, a new America is threatened by the dead who are rising up and waging war. Jane is a young woman training at Miss Preston’s School of Combat where she […]

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