Explosive Chemistry: Liliana and the Fae of Fayetteville

Explosive Chemistry: Liliana and the Fae of Fayetteville

This is a unique fantasy story written by author Paige E. Ewing. What distinguishes it from many others is that it is a hybrid genre—more on this to follow—but also in the plethora of unique characters ranging from the aware” humans, mostly in the protective services, interacting and partnering with a variety of others” that make up the fantasy worlds.

To begin, the main character Lilliana is a spider-kin fortune teller who hides her abilities behind her chosen profession.

Shes fled the circus life and now happily resides in Fayetteville where she can prophesy for clients while living a cozy and peaceful existence among humans. That is until the law comes calling. While the detective feels for Lilliana and believes her to be innocent and mentally different, the accompanying expert” sees things differently. He accuses Liliana of a string of gruesome murders of four soldiers at Fort Liberty. Lilliana identifies this expert as a Celtic wolf-kin, the kind that killed her parents. Frightened by the threat he poses, Lilliana goes on the run and uses her powers and passion to solve the mystery.

 Now, to address the distinctive genre approach. Ewing has expertly woven a mystery, suspense, paranormal romance, mythical fantasy, and science fiction into what she coins ‘climate change fiction,’hopepunk,’ ‘solarpunk,and ‘cli-fi.’ Yeah, most definitely unique. But dont dismiss the categorization, its spot on and gives this story—and the series—a creative spin. Not a book I would have picked off the shelf, but by page three I was immersed in Lillianas story, empathizing with her plight to find peace, and rooting for her to arise the victor. Her gentle disposition and desire to make positive changes will have you rooting for this beauty brimming with quiet strength. If you enjoy books with plenty of characters and creative personas, then youll want to pick up the series, starting with Precise Oaths

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