Brews and Books: Coffees to Pair with Your Morning Read

Brews and Books: Coffees to Pair with Your Morning Read

If youre a morning person, you probably also have a morning routine. Exercise, meditation, podcasts, newspaper, prayer, journaling, taking a walk, or doing something that is just for you before the day gets rolling. Because once it does, often youre at the mercy of other peoples schedules. Still, whether you work at home, from home, or at an office, you should always take at least fifteen minutes (or more) for yourself. Personal success gurus like Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Brené Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Rohn, Bryan Tracy, and Jocko Willink all tout the importance of having a morning routine.

That morning routine includes reading. Reading books for motivation or contemplation or learning something new for fifteen minutes a day will give you a massive boost in learning and development.

Now if youre also like me, you probably indulge in a little caffeine. Sometimes its tea and sometimes its coffee, and sometimes its both. But I do love a good cup of coffee. Especially to pair with my morning read. For a fun switch up, I thought Id share some of my favorite coffees Ive paired with my morning (and afternoon) reads. Id also love to hear from you in the Books Uplift Community.

But Ill get the mind percolating and the list brewing with these five faves.

Once I got the unique opportunity to sample an incredible tasting coffee that reminded me of eating a blueberry pie. The perfect breakfast meal, right? Probably not. But Blueberry Crumble from Blackout Coffee is a healthier substitute. So, as you ready your morning motivational tomes or something fun and fruity before your workday starts, Blackouts Blueberry Crumble pairs perfectly.

I must admit I love, love, love Starbucks Pike Place. Its bold, strong, and a to-the-point pick-me-up that hosts all the literary qualities touted on the Starbucks’ menu. I also like Tim Hortons coffee for the nutty flavor with a touch of maple”—or maybe thats what I imagine Im tasting from this Canadian purveyor. But when I was served a cup of  Peet’s Coffee the hairs on my head awoke. Not too much caffeine, but enough to rev your engines, Peets Major Dickasons Blend paired nicely with my Get er Donetomes.

Im saddened to say that many coffee companies are doing away with flavored coffee. Pumpkin Spice, Vermont Maple, Vanilla Custard, and Brown Maple Sugar are some of my favorite fall flavors. But theyre hard to come by these days. New England Coffee Company is one of the few that pair nicely with a cozy read on a brisk fall weekend morning. I know there are a lot more out there, so I welcome your suggestions.

Finally, my dogged persistence in finding a climate friendly coffee pod paid off. Cameron’s Coffee produces two choices for my Keurig, caffeinated and decaffeinated in a biodegradable pod. Camerons wont over caffeinate you, its just enough to pair a couple of cups with a lengthier read or when you have time for some journaling.

Now its your turn, dear readers and coffee drinkers. Whether it’s bold or mild, flavored, or straight, please share with the Books Uplift Community your favorite morning pairings—both brews and books.

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