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Dystopian fans unite! The debut young adult book by Erin Carrougher is a stellar hit. Ashton is living in what was once called Seattle, subjected into a rigid caste-system. The Suits, those who have the technology and luxury to live a free life, and those, like rebellious Ashton who is left to survive by obedience […]

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Duke and the Lonely Boy

This breakout novel by Lynn Langan is a must read for all teens, parents, and educators. The story delves into the two main characters’ psyches and challenges in navigating relationships only proving that no matter whether you’re the star athlete or the shy kid no one really knows, you are making an impact, you are […]

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The Things She’s Seen

There’s something dark going on in the remote Australian town where Detective Michael Teller’s latest case takes him. A fire has destroyed a home for orphaned and wayward children and two bodies have been found inside—one burnt beyond recognition. This fire has opened a Pandora’s Box of sorts, as there is a cold case possibly […]

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Dread Nation

This is the first in a unique fantasy series by Justina Ireland told from the perspective of the Heroine Jane McKeene. Set in the reconstruction era, a new America is threatened by the dead who are rising up and waging war. Jane is a young woman training at Miss Preston’s School of Combat where she […]

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Out of Left Field

Whether it’s with her girls’ softball league or with friends in the sandlot near her house, Marnie loves playing ball. She is also a stellar pitcher. Naturally she’s a fan of her high school’s baseball team, not to mention the star pitcher Cody. But when Cody gets hit by Santino, their biggest rival’s pitcher, he’s […]

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Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood

Here’s a coming of age teen romance that has survived the test of time. Written in 1978, this book by Ellen Conford can be found in just about every library but otherwise it’s hard to find. Thirteen-year-old Melanie Kessler is begrudgingly starting summer camp. An only child, she’s not keen on leaving her parents and […]

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Heart on a String 

High school junior Marissa McDonald is out running one day when she stumbles upon a heart-shaped balloon stuck in a tree. Attached to the balloon is a note from a young boy to the brother he recently lost; but seeing how it never reached its heavenly destination, Marissa decides to take matters into her own […]

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The Smile

This story begins in the Italian countryside where thirteen-year-old Mona Elizabetta struggles to become the noble woman she’s destined to be. Her family, however, are challenged to keep their silk-weaving business thriving during economically challenging times. Still, Mona’s mother is planning to give her daughter an elaborate party to meet eligible husbands, but upon her […]

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The Ghost and The Goth

Do opposites really attract? Take the ageless example of polar opposites coming together—the most popular girl in high school and the loner boy in this young adult novel by Stacey Kade. Oh, right. Did I mention that one of these teens just happens to be dead and the other a reluctant medium? Talk about chemistry.  […]

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