Duke and the Lonely Boy

Duke and the Lonely Boy

This breakout novel by Lynn Langan is a must read for all teens, parents, and educators. The story delves into the two main characters’ psyches and challenges in navigating relationships only proving that no matter whether you’re the star athlete or the shy kid no one really knows, you are making an impact, you are here for a reason and you matter.

Duke is a star football player struggling in math. If his grades don’t improve, it could put his position on the team in jeopardy, not to mention the potential for college scholarships. When he’s assigned a tutor, Tommy, he meets a shy, studious kid struggling to make friends and fit in. The collaboration works and Duke’s grades improve, but he’s also surprised to see the impact that Tommy is having on his personal life. Tommy’s candor about Duke’s relationship makes him think twice about what he’d once considered a priority.

Tommy is also changed. Still haunted by his parents’ death, he’s struggling to find meaningful friends that will help him leave his past behind and move through his grief. And when someone from his past opens old wounds, it’s Duke and their mutual friend Charlie who are there for him when his life spirals apart.

This is a book written for young adults but recommended for all.

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