The Ghost and The Goth

The Ghost and The Goth

Do opposites really attract? Take the ageless example of polar opposites coming together—the most popular girl in high school and the loner boy in this young adult novel by Stacey Kade. Oh, right. Did I mention that one of these teens just happens to be dead and the other a reluctant medium? Talk about chemistry. 

Despite the impossible logistics, fate casts these two strong-willed teens together because they need each other’s special gifts. For the recently deceased Alona, she is trying to understand this new dimension and gracefully transition to the other side. And Will’s primary focus is graduating as he battles the distraction of spirits vying for his attention, including a mysterious dark entity haunting him. Despite their initial disdain for one another, Alona eventually volunteers to be Will’s spirit guide and that is when their adventure (and attraction) ignites.  

What I especially love is how Kade opens the door to the musings of what happens in the hereafter. There’s a lot to unpack here with the idea that spirits must do good deeds in order to sustain themselves long enough to make impact and communicate. The theory that the dead are searching for ways to cross over using mediums to impart their final words provides a plausible answer for Will’s disruptive behavior. And the unsettled energy that comes from trying to unnaturally interact with the spirit world makes you wonder about what most of us can’t see nor understand. 

Yet I want to stress that this book is not about ghosts, per se. This story takes a very creative approach in sharing two young adults’ evolution into self-awareness and emotional maturity. It’s a fun ride and the characters are believable for a fantasy and a young adult romance. 

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